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Why an NPO Cooperative?

Logo 3 Mamans Yoginis - Coopérative Yoga pour Enfants

Worker Cooperative 3 Moms Yoginis Corp.

Les 3 Mamans Yoginis is a cooperative whose mission is to contribute to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children through yoga and mindfulness activities. She offers yoga classes as well as resources (notebooks, cards, books and songs, etc.) in French, for children, both at school, in their communities and at home.

We have chosen to register the company as a Cooperative and non-profit organization, as the services offered aim to promote well-being  and meet cultural needs  of a community.

By creating an NPO Cooperative, we hope to reduce financial barriers for yoga classes and resources by having access to grants for culture, education and social projects. We also hope to support our clients in their request for financing.

Future event: 
  Yoga and back to school  - 31.8.2021

For ideas on how yoga can help back to school, follow the 3 Moms Yoginis blog for the next post.

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